August 28, 2020
Clothed surface

Clothed Surface

ChangCure is an uncurednatural rubber compounddesigned specifically foruse in fine and toughslurry applications wherehot bonding is preferredmethod of installation.Using the same formulationprinciples employed inour ChangSup Series rubbersheet, ChangCure rubberprovides excellent resiliencewith good cut, tear andabrasion resistance in slurryapplications.
August 27, 2020
Sandwich Layer

Sandwich Layer

ChangPro rubber sheetis fabricated with highquality synthetic rubberfor a wide range of industrialapplications. It is bestselected when there areno requirements forperformance specificationsand budget is a considered.All ChangPro productsare available in differenthardness and more than5 Mpa tensile strength.
August 26, 2020


ChangFG RUBBER SHEETis made from FDA appro-ved material. We followstrict FDA Guidelines andto ensure that our foodgrade rubber does notcontain any prohibitedadditives or pigments.Our comprehensive ma-nufacturing process hasled us to develop a non-stick sheet with high str-ength, elasticity and ab-rasion resistance chara-cteristics for the food /bakery industry, whilstfully compliant with strictfood quality protocols.We offer food grade pro-ducts in NBR, EPDM, CR,NR.
August 25, 2020


ChangBasic is formulatedwith good quality naturalrubber without any recycledmaterial. It is commonlyused for general purposeapplications includinggaskets, scrapers andseals.