August 20, 2020

Combi Sandwich Rubber

ChangSup Combi Rubber isa multi-layer rubber sheetdesigned specifically forthe mining and quarry industries.The top and bottom layershave high resistance toabrasion and cuts in orderto withstand handing roughmining materials. The interiorlayer provides extra supportand increased glide whilemoving materials. Great forweathering sharp, heavy,and coarse particles. CombiRubber can be made withcustom technical specificationsfor customers.
August 19, 2020

Neoprene Bonding Layer

ChangSup Neoprene BondingLayer is used for a variety ofpurposes in the mining andaggregate industries. It can besecurely applied to all typesof polymer-based rubber sheet.Neoprene rubber has inherentlyexcellent metal adhesionqualities. It is usually appliedin a thin layer onto the backside of metal-lining rubbersheets in order to create afirm connection. Optionalneoprene bonding layers areavailable on all ChangRubberSheets upon request.
August 14, 2020

Donate milk cartons to transform into the roof of the house.

On August 14, 2020, CSJ Rubber Sheet Co., Ltd. together with the Charoensin Group affiliates donated 9,560 UHT milk cartons to “Beverage Box Recycling Center by Fiber Pattana Co., Ltd.” Manufacturer Green roof under the project “Green Roof”, Friends in Need(of “PA”) Volunteers Foundation Thai Red Cross to be utilized into the production process #Recycle into roof panels and #ceiling dividers With special properties that are durable, strong and cool, can be used to help the needy communities. #People who suffer from natural disasters
January 18, 2020


This formula is uniquely designed for the bridge rubber bearing pads and pass the ASTM D 4014 and AASHTO standard. Our bridge rubber bearing pads are made of Natural rubber sheet or Neoprene rubber sheet . The natural rubber exhibits outstanding low temperature
resistance .Neoprene rubber -based elastomer, with good Oil resistant 、Heat resistant . hey should be considered for :
Railway tie pads
Shock and vibration isolation
Pads between girders and columns
Pads between substructures and so on