August 19, 2020

Normal Rubber Sheet

ChangSup Neoprene BondingLayer is used for a variety ofpurposes in the mining andaggregate industries. It can besecurely applied to all typesof polymer-based rubber sheet.Neoprene rubber has inherentlyexcellent metal adhesionqualities. It is usually appliedin a thin layer onto the backside of metal-lining rubbersheets in order to create afirm connection. Optionalneoprene bonding layers areavailable on all ChangRubberSheets upon request.
August 20, 2020
High Abrasion Rubber

High Abrasion Rubber

ChangSup Combi Rubber isa multi-layer rubber sheetdesigned specifically forthe mining and quarry industries.The top and bottom layershave high resistance toabrasion and cuts in orderto withstand handing roughmining materials. The interiorlayer provides extra supportand increased glide whilemoving materials. Great forweathering sharp, heavy,and coarse particles. CombiRubber can be made withcustom technical specificationsfor customers.
August 22, 2020


ChangExp EPDM RUBBER SHEETis resistant to ageing, water,abrasion, U V and ozone,which makes it the perfectmaterial to use in exposedsettings. They are highlyrecommended at areas,where surface is exposedto whether, sunlight, heat,ozone or gases. EPDMrubber sheet is also idealfor use in water and isoften considered the materialof choice for potable waterapplications.
August 23, 2020


ChangExp FKM 75 & VITON 75
are the well-known high-
performance rubber that
has excellent resistance
to hydrocarbons, chemicals,
oil and heat. It also has
outstanding resistance to
compression, especially
at elevated temperatures.
This rubber sheeting is
widely used in oil industry,
aviation field, automotive
industry, aerospace and
other aggressive environments.