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We know quality is not an inspection process but rather a manufacturing mentality assuring every aspect of the manufacturing process from the incoming sourced material, mixing of material, manufacturing of component and all the way through to packing and shipping.

ChangRubber ® is committed to quality in every step of the process. We strive to achieve highest quality standards in every product that comes out of our facility bears the unmistakable stamp of quality.

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Count on Us for Your Custom
Rubber Solution Challenges

ChangRubber’s team has over 30 years of rubber compounding experience which we use to insure our customer’s final product meets or exceeds expectations. We can quickly develop a custom formulation, with material sampling for testing purposes to ensure that the compound and the sheet rubber will perform as specified.

With our own in-house laboratory for material R&D and mixing capabilities, ChangRubber has developed a library of more than 1,000 unique elastomer formulas to meet many different needs.


over 30 years of rubber compounding experience


more than 1,000 unique elastomer formulas

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High performance

We only provide high quality.

Healthy & Secure

Not only do we strive to provide the highest quality, but we also care about employees’and users’health and security...

Longer Lasting

All ChangRubber sheets are made by 100% virgin rubber without any recycled material. It exhibits outstanding ageing and ozone resistant...

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Industries Served 360°
  • Telecommunications

  • Food & Beverage production

  • Contracting & Engineering

  • Construction

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Marine Industry

  • Oil & gas

  • Petrochemicals

  • Cement

  • Energy utilities & power

  • Mining & Quarry industry

WELCOME TO · ChangRubber®

CSJ RUBBER SHEET established a new manufacturing plant in Thailand in 2016, CSJ RUBBER SHEET. Taking advantage of pretty rich rubber resources in Thailand, and combining our innovative technology, we created the high-end brand ChangRubber. We aim for manufacturing and providing high-performance rubber sheet and custom solutions. From developing formula to application instructions, we are happy to offer one-stop service.

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