August 24, 2020

NBR Rubber Sheet

ChangExp NBR RUBBER SHEETis a nitrile based rubber,providing excellent resistanceto petroleum oils as wellas mineral and vegetableoil. NBR rubber material isused in applications involvingnot only oil and fuel resistance,but also those applicationsrequiring resistance toheat, abrasion, water, andgas permeability. It isresistant to weathering,sunlight and ozone.Fromoil rigs to bowling alleys,nitrile rubber can be theright material for yourapplications.
August 23, 2020

Viton Fkm Rubber Sheet

ChangExp FKM 75 & VITON 75
are the well-known high-
performance rubber that
has excellent resistance
to hydrocarbons, chemicals,
oil and heat. It also has
outstanding resistance to
compression, especially
at elevated temperatures.
This rubber sheeting is
widely used in oil industry,
aviation field, automotive
industry, aerospace and
other aggressive environments.
August 22, 2020

EPDM Rubber Sheet

ChangExp EPDM RUBBER SHEETis resistant to ageing, water,abrasion, U V and ozone,which makes it the perfectmaterial to use in exposedsettings. They are highlyrecommended at areas,where surface is exposedto whether, sunlight, heat,ozone or gases. EPDMrubber sheet is also idealfor use in water and isoften considered the materialof choice for potable waterapplications.
August 21, 2020

High Wear Resistance Rubber Sheet

ChangSup RUBBER SHEETis specially designed forapplications where abrasionresistance is required. Itis compounded withpremium natural rubberfor different abrasion,impact and corrosionresistance. Pure naturalrubber exhibits highstrength, elasticity,excellent cut and tearresistance, resulting inunmatched performance inwear-heavy environmentslike the mining & quarryindustries.